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Dear ​Friend,
I welcome you in my world of Personal Development & Motivation.In a year, I speak on various topics as a keynote speaker. Enjoy little glimpses of my videos. and then select as per your need. Maximum duration of these seminars are two hours. At the bottom of these videos you will find "Invite Rajesh Aggarwal" form, Kindly fill up properly so that I can design the seminar as per your need :

1. Talk on Business, Sales & customer
service (English)

2. Talk on How to Excel in Personal
Relations (English + Hindi)

3. Talk on How to empower team

4. Talk on How to increase Business

5. Talk on How to succeed in Real Estate

6. Talk on ​Public Speaking & Presentation Skills​ (Hindi)

7. Talk on How to succeed in Network
Marketing Business (Hindi)

8. Talk on Conventional Teacher to
Creative Teacher (English)

9. Talk on Ambition - Action - Attitude
(English + Hindi)

10. Talk on Parenting

11. Talk on Change Attitude ! Change Life in Hindi

12. ​​How to ​increase sales
in Hindi

Invite Rajesh Aggarwal

We hope our sample videos must have given you little ideas about us . Kindly fill up each column in the form given below. It would help us to understand your need and provide you solutions as close as possible.