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"Success depends more on attitude rather than talent" - says Rajesh Aggarwal who is known as Motivational Speaker, Success Strategist & Entrepreneur Coach. He is also the founder of Rebirth Academy - an organization helping people in bringing excellence in Lifestyle & Business. Business Today magazine has referred him as Dr.Destiny. His more than 180 videos on his youtube channel have 50 lac viewership & 50 thousand plus subscriber from more than 125 countries. He is working in the field of personal & organizational development training since 1994. Every year Rajesh is invited by many public & private sector to share his ideas on Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Excellence & people handling skills. He also conducts a special 3-day workshop on Public Speaking, Business Strategy & Train the Trainer. Rajesh is also a personal coach for many Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs. He has also created an Entrepreneurship development platform where people from all walks of life including house wives get complete step by step training on how to succeed in business by creating big Network.His seminar methodology is based on extensive reading, interacting with visionary leaders & his own life journey from courier pick up executive to training director, finally Entrepreneur, Speaker & Coach.He has written a book titled - " 7 keys to prosperity & Success " & " Safalta ke saat niyam ". His message for Business Leaders: "Leave a story before leaving this planet ". Rajesh stays in New Delhi with his family.

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