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One To One Coaching

Dear Friends,
Now ! you can book me for one to one session

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An Overview

Whether it is Business, professional, personal or family issue, you are free to share your challenges either by Skype or by personal meeting. Fee structure will differ if it is through Skype or personal meet. In case it is outside Delhi or India then travel and stay to be arranged by you. it is going to be a 90 minutes session, where I shall listen & if required might ask few questions in between. Last 15 minutes, I shall give you 15 days project to work. Each day you need to send me your action / progress report either by mail or what's app. Normally , I recommend 24 sessions ( one in 15 days ) but you are free to go session by session. You can also speak one or two times on phone in between 1st & 2nd session for short period.The most important factor in coaching to be observed is patience and action. Sometimes , result takes time.

So, if you are ready then fill up the form given below. Don't forget to mention online or personal meet

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