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Dear Friend, Greetings.
Before we close the day, let me share a wonderful story. My Brother in law's son was finding some difficulties to cope in school. I knew him since birth and always appreciated his untapped potential. Somehow,due to some wrong guidance and misbehave by teachers he was totally shattered and performed very badly in class 8 Final exam. Almost, in all subject he was below average. I, somehow couldn't believe. I knew something is missing. As a Coach, I try to find out reason than just wasting time. All family members were tensed. I told my brother in law to withdraw him from school and put him in a good boarding school. I met the principal of boarding school and explained him the whole situation. Principal was very nice and assured me that if the child is hardworking then he would certainly excel. We enrolled him in this year April. 3 days before His first term result came and to our surprise, he has topped in the class not only in subjects but in total. He regained his self confidence. I look forward to some more miracle from him as I know that now he got right field to excel. Hence, if you haven't got any breakthrough yet, please don't give up. It's just a matter in finding right place.
Good Night - Rajesh Aggarwal