Complete Education

Complete Education


The word Education comes from “Educo” which means to go within. Only acquiring a Degree or Diploma does not make anybody Educated or Realized. Education is not just for earning bread. In my opinion our present Education Structure is defective. It provides only bookish education but it needs to be oriented with tremendous value addition. For example, it always gives me shock and surprise that 12 yrs. of basic schooling does not help a student in following areas :

  1. Removing hatred, manipulation and jealousy.
  2. Finding out right career.
  3. How to handle challenges of daily life.
  4. How to enjoy success with right values.
  5. How to discover unique talent and make it a career.

If these fives concerns are covered during our schooling then we will take the first step towards correct Education. I would like to substantiate my thoughts with small story.

“In a jungle one day all the animals met for a brief discussion. They decided that through out the day they have enough leisure time therefore, why not start an Educational Program? The decision was taken that each animal or creature whether on the earth or under the earth or in the water or in the sky will have to take all the subjects. For example, if a bird is flying then apart from flying she has to undergo swimming classes also. Similarly, if crocodile is swimming then he has to undergo the flying course class also. Likewise, each animal apart from their natural talent they have to undergo or complete all other subjects. Finally, when the result came, a peculiar situation had was seen, Crocodile who got 100% marks in swimming, had failed badly in flying. Similarly, all other animals scored almost 100% in their inborn talent but scored miserably in enforced subjects.”

This story gives a clear indication of our present old Educational System Model. I personally feel with the fixed syllabus we also need to add new creative modules which can answer above written five concerns. Value education must added to the curriculum to make a student a complete man. It would not be possible for each student to get a job of his / her choice after completing school / college until unless we train him / her in such a way that even if he / she does not get a job, he can become self employed in his respective field.

A comprehensive education comprises of Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, Creative and Spiritual development, and that is what is needed. Our education system need to be completely overhauled.

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