Commited vs involved

Committed or Involve

Many a times we do our work just for the sake of doing it. We do not put our heart and soul into it.  In other words we are not committed.  Do your work with a commitment and you will have great results. Read this beautiful story by the author and introspect to find out whether you give your best or not.

I have always loved this beautiful story about a hen and a pig. Every day they used to meet in the jungle market along with other animals.

Each animal would bring his own items in the market to sell for their daily livelihood. Without any fail the hen and pig would also come to to sell their respective items. For example, hen used to come with eggs and pig used to come with ham. One day they both developed a lovely friendship and came out with a beautiful idea. The idea was, let us open a private limited company called “Breakfast Global”They both agreed started the business. Business has grown like anything. Hen used to sell eggs and pig used to sell ham. After one year when balance sheet was made pig took 90% of profit and gave only 10% to hen. Hen was furious and asked for explanation. Pig said that he deserve 90% because he is committed and hen is only involved. Hence, pig gets 90%.

Pig further clarified that in this business hen bears no pain in producing eggs but in order to produce ham, pig goes through unbearable pain and has pay a price in the form of blood. His stake is bigger than the hen. But pig said he does not mind giving full 100% to hen on the basis of friendship but if it is matter of logic commitment, pig deserve 90%.

Dear Friends,I like this story only for one reason. Many a times I hear from people that they did not get what they deserve. May I humbly request to all those can they introspect on this story and ask a question before they claim:

Have I given my Best?

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