• Commited vs involved

    Committed or Involve

    Many a times we do our work just for the sake of doing it. We do not put our heart and soul into it.  In other words we are not committed.  Do your work with a commitment and you will have great results. Read this beautiful story by the author and introspect to find out whether you give your best or not. I have always loved this beautiful story about a hen and a pig. Every day they used to meet in the jungle market along with other animals. Each animal would bring his own items in the market to sell for their daily livelihood. Without any fail the hen…

  • Success

    Achievement & Success

    Many years before, when I was in B.Com (1st Year), I had a chance to attend a training course. I learnt many things but the most important concept I learnt was the difference between achievement & Success. Before I explain more in detail, let me quickly tell you what is achievement and what is Success. Achievement means ‘doing anything worthwhile’. For example in an early morning as you wake up and after your morning tea you start singing and you are completely lost while singing and once you are back to your normal consciousness, you felt very good, you felt very happy. This feeling of happiness can be called an…