Achievement & Success

Many years before, when I was in B.Com (1st Year), I had a chance to attend a training course. I learnt many things but the most important concept I learnt was the difference between achievement & Success. Before I explain more in detail, let me quickly tell you what is achievement and what is Success.

Achievement means ‘doing anything worthwhile’. For example in an early morning as you wake up and after your morning tea you start singing and you are completely lost while singing and once you are back to your normal consciousness, you felt very good, you felt very happy. This feeling of happiness can be called an achievement. Let’s take another example.

Suppose you are a teacher and you been teaching since many years. You also have an authority in your subject and you give your best in the class to explain the subject and after your class is over, you feel a great joy within. This feeling of joyfulness can be called an achievement. But to become successful, one needs to have recognition from people around him/her. For example, the person who was singing in the morning, if he is approached by the people to sing in a live concert in their locality, is now a successful person. Similarly, when there is a demand from students that they want to hear this teacher again n again, because students realizes that her/his way to explaining the subject is so beautiful that she/he dissolves all questions and the subject not only goes in the memory but it becomes a part of their blood, in such a way that (Students) don`t need any book for reference. Then only this teacher can be called a Successful Teacher. Hence, Success means when your ‘Achievement are recognized by the people’.

I am in the profession of training and conduct lot many programs for different types of people. Many times while interacting with people, I asked them “How do you define your success?” In response to my question, they say “Well I have reasonably good Bank balance, few cars, big bungalow, member of many forums and societies etc. etc.” Although, I do not argue with them but without hurting their feelings, I asked them that how many people talks good things about them? How many people follow them as a role model? How many people are inspired by them and how many people love to associate with them?

If the answers of these questions are ‘NO’, then, rest assures that you are achieving few things in life but success is far away. Many people are willing to pay handsome money to get a post, position, power and recognition. They think they can buy success through money but they forget that, in this country there are people, who live a very simple life but power, post, position run after them. Our Ex-President Mr. Abdul Kalam is a fine example to prove what I am saying.

Therefore, before I conclude I leave a question for you to introspect. Please check your life and find out what you need to do without compromising with you values and principles to become a role model for somebody, to be remembered even after your death. In other words, to become a Super Successful Person.

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