About Me

A journey from courier pick up boy to
Motivational Speaker & Success Coach.


Living each day with Commitment, Productivity and Responsibility.

Literary Pursuits

‘The 7 Keys to Prosperity and Success’, ‘Zameen Se Asmaan Tak’ and forthcoming Books ‘Geeta - The Modern Management Tool’ and ‘Top 15 Motivational Talks’


“Living ordinary life in an extraordinary way.”

An Insight

"Leave a story before departing" says Success Coach & Motivational Speaker Rajesh Aggarwal. His passion to know , learn & understand about human behaviour & mind has brought him in the field of Personal Development since 1994. Business today magazine has referred him as - " Dr. Destiny " . He expanded his thoughts & ideas to many thousand people through his talks & seminars. More than 70,000 people from 90 countries has subscribed his self development You Tube Channel . His seminar methodology is based on participating in World's best seminars , interaction with people & his own life journey from a courier pick up boy to corporate trainer , author , Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker . Every year he is invited by organization & institutions to share his thoughts on how behaviour & attitude plays a major role in shaping the future . He lives in New Delhi with his family

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