About Me

A journey from courier pick up boy to
Motivational Speaker & Success Coach.


Living each day with Commitment, Productivity and Responsibility.

Literary Pursuits

‘The 7 Keys to Prosperity and Success’, ‘Zameen Se Asmaan Tak’ and forthcoming Books ‘Geeta - The Modern Management Tool’ and ‘Top 15 Motivational Talks’


“Living ordinary life in an extraordinary way.”

An About Rajesh Aggarwal

" Success depends more on Attitude & Skills rather than Talent" - says Rajesh Aggarwal who is known as Motivational Speaker, Public Speaking & Entrepreneur Coach . He is also the founder of Rebirth Academy - an organization conducting Personal & Skill development training since 2000. Business Today magazine has referred Rajesh Aggarwal as - " Dr. Destiny ". His You Tube channel has one lac plus subscribers & 72 lac plus viewers from more than 90 countries. Every year he is invited by many Public & Private sector to speak on various personal development topics such as : Break The comfort Zone , Touch The Excellence , Selling v/s Sharing , Change Attitude ! Change Life ! and many more. The duration of his seminar is between 2 hours and max up to three day. He speaks three languages : Hindi , Bangla & English. His talks are simple , easy to understand & quick to apply. Till now he has delivered seminar in more than 85 cities in India , Nepal , Thailand , America & Bangladesh. The journey of his career starts in Kolkata at the age of 19 years as a courier pick up Boy to Sales Manager then Training Director. Finally, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Success Coach. He has written two books on personal development which are available on Amazon. In 2018 , he has taken a mission to develop an ordinary person into a Global Entrepreneur , Leader & Speaker. Rajesh Aggarwal believes in - " Job provider than job seeker ". At present he lives in New Delhi with his family.

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